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Educational Mission Statement

To mentor and train other therapists and health practitioners in the principles of finding health in their patients with the use of sequenced manual therapy.


We offer a variety of courses that can be taught at our clinic in Oklahoma City, or at a location of your choice. If you are interested in these courses at your facility, please contact the clinic for pricing and scheduling.


If you see a course that you would like to attend, but is not currently available under the

"Course Registration" page, please call our clinic at (405) 748 - 6404 or e - mail us at One of our staff members will contact you.



Past Course Offerings through Sale Physical Therapy:

Advanced Clinical Pearls

Cranial Course

Cranial Components

Cranial Components Mentorship

Direct and Functional Indirect of the Lower Half

Direct and Functional Indirect of Upper Half

Essential Elements of Manual Physical

Therapy Mentorship Course

Functional Indirect Course

Lower Half Muscle Energy Course

Sequencing Course

System Course

Upper Half Muscle Energy Course

Year Long Basic Manual Therapy

Mentorship Course

Year Long Advanced Manual Therapy

Mentorship Course

Year Long Cranial Therapy

Mentorship Course

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