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Help for Long COVID Syndrome and Related Vaccines

The well known inflammatory effects of Covid cause pain and limitations in the muscles and joints of the body.  The long term symptoms of Covid can occur even without experiencing a severe case. The symptoms will present differently in each person.  Our patient experiences have shown that previous areas of trauma or injury are often exacerbated after Covid.


In the last two years, we have had success treating the five most common symptoms of long Covid syndrome including fatigue, headache, difficulty focusing, shortness of breath and heart palpitations. Upon evaluation, our manual therapists often find localized as well as global areas of tightness throughout the body. The most commonly restricted areas are found in the diaphragm muscle attachments which is the muscle responsible for breathing.  There are also significant ribcage restrictions, also impeding respiration. Restoring movement through manual therapy treatment of these restricted areas markedly decreases pain, increases mobility but also improves function throughout the body.  In turn, this allows multiple body systems to work more easily together as a balanced whole.


Over the past two years our patients who contracted Covid report that after receiving manual therapy treatment they have had a significant decrease in their post Covid symptoms. We continue to problem solve and innovate ways of treating these adverse symptoms. 


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